Special Advanced Gootar Chord Generator Program
For any operating system, PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS...
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  Gootar and Guitar.to/Player chord programs, used by millions worldwide. Get the Horizontal Fretboard Here.

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Guitar Chord Generator Six can be opened with any number of frets... More Information

Now you can find, design and hear millions of chords and Scales, Print Everything!
in Standard and alternative tunings. Programs use scientifically designed algorithm to extrapolate chords using your input parameters...
root note, chord variety, tuning, fretboard position, finger span on fretboard, alternate bass note, using open strings.

Design your own printable chord charts.
Or click notes in and out on the fretboard and find the names of any unknown chords.
This new sound program comes with an additional check-box and listen-clicker.
This enables individual notes and/or strum chord on mouseover of notes or one-shot chord when you click "listen".

Generator Six
comes with a built in Ear Training Device.
To use it: Click "clear" then click "perfect pitch" and the program will sound a random note.
You can guess what the note is by clicking on the fretboard.
If you are correct, it will show a green dot.
If you are wrong, it will show a red dot where you clicked and a blue dot where the correct note actually was.
If you have the right note but in the wrong octave, it will show purple dots in both spots.