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Tab Generator Help
The width of the text box 62 is 2 above standard size for tab (60)
Too wide (70) for the text box is still acceptable on print page
Any notes above 9, click "advance" if next note on same string
Special Characters: highlight then click "$$" on that string
"Sixit" will add highlighted Special character to all strings
"Hold" for chords, enter special character "-" on unused strings or "Fixit" to even out anything out of sync
Dupe will duplicate last 2 lines. 4 will duplicate last 4 etc.
"Sweep" is next space apart.
"One" adds one "-" also.
"Two" adds two "--" between notes.
"Clear" will only clear last tab in box
"UnClear" will bring back the last tab cleared
...this means "Clear" can be used as a "temporary save"
"Xpnd" will add "-" between every character in tab...
to make a more intricate rhythm 'xpand' then move notes and increase speed to compensate for double length tab characters
Anytime you have a tab section you want to save click "save"
you can save as many as you want (number will be shown) and when you're done click "print" and it will show page.
Use << >> to view previous saves, then "Load" to put back into memory. (make sure to "save" or "temporary save" whatever is in the text box before << >> viewing previous, or just click anything other than "Clear" like... "Fixit" to bring back last work still in memory)
You can modify a tab manually directly into the text box then click "Load" and it will load into program changeable memory.
Or check auto load and it will automatically load when you leave text area. If you want to put in something longer than six string lines... make sure auto load is off (unchecked).
You can save anything you type into the text box (Additional info, lyrics, instructions, Can be any length, html allowed), Example: You can save and print these instructions.
Faster / Slower text box is showing amount of delay in milliseconds,
1000 is one second ;
100 = 1/10 of one second
To play a song just load it into memory then click "play". Make sure there is no white space at the top of text area. You can change play speed by click faster/slower or entering a number in the delay speed box then clicking anywhere else.
To change instrument tone...
enter in different number next to play box then click anywhere else.
You can also change individual string sounds if wanted...
Just change from # (all strings) to a regular string number then change the instrument number or midi bank.
A complete list is available if you click "list"
The drop downs are...
Volume: Easy to change from loud to soft or off.
Bank: Midi instrument bank, all instrument are exampled in list.
Instrument: use with 'bank' above.
String: can change sound on individual strings.
Individual note duration: note ring time. 'sec' is one second.
"Tab Splicer" allows you to take any six string line tab and tack another line of Tab on the end without having to cut and paste it individually string by string.
Maximum number of characters that can be entered into the text area is 32700. If you divide that by 6 and get the maximum length of a tab it's 5450. More than enough for any song!
If you want your name or a title on the page click "Title"
"Reset" will clear and reset all, including saves

Auto-Blues generates completely random blues riffs in any key.
Click any fret level to change key.
If you check the box... it auto-saves it.

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