Van Halen Rubik Cube
Mouseover any square to change the stripe


Single Click

VanCube © 2001 Sample only works with size 6
Reload page to change cube size.

Mouseover any square to change the stripe of every square in that column and row,

If you swipe through the 1st, 3rd and 5th rows and columns (every other row or column),
horizontally and vertically using 4 colors and size 6 or any even number cube...
you'll get a nice pattern... then you can swipe through any row or column twice
or just touch any outside edge twice and it rearranges it into a maze type of shape.
(you can also swipe through using the same pattern like "L" or "Z" twice
or click "colors" and bump up to 12 and it gets really interesting)
Looks like it could be used in future as four way quantum switching method.
If you make a mistake or touch one square by accident and you don't want to clear the whole thing...
just touch the same square again and again colors-1 times until everything comes back to previous.
If you check the "single click" box you can click on any square and change only that square.

The patterns like r1,r2,r3,r4,b4,b3,b2,b1,w1,w2,w3,w4 are the actual names of
the squares and their advancement pattern. They would get assigned zero through eleven
The numbers in the input box are their positions on the cube.
You can put any number pattern into the input box and it will replicate itself for the whole cube.
For instance... 5,4,7,4,5,4,10,9,8,9,10,9     [OR]     1,4,7,10,7,4,1
These are the number representations of the squares order.

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If you want to change the order and number of squares used...
click pattern then enter one of these or make your own,
it automatically sets the amount of colors,
(you can use a square more then once).

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