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Guitar Chord Generator, Chord Name Finder and Piano are now available with complete sounds

Browser Requirement... Sound Programs Netscape Communicator 4.76 or later. Not N6

download Sound Programs were designed for Netscape Communicator 4.76 To use sound programs you will need at least 4.76... This is the fastest browser and the only one capable of handling simultaneous sounds. They will work in older netscape versions but you might not hear multiply simultaneous sounds (chords) ...only notes. Do not use Netscape 6

Sound programs look and work exactly like the original versions you're used to but come with complete sounds. Sound Programs come with an additional check-box and listen-clicker. On all programs this enables individual notes and/or strum chord on mouseover of notes or one-shot chord when you click "listen". This also gives you the option of hearing every single chord during chord changes or just hearing the chord when you click-for-it or run the mouse over in a strum. Using Guitar Chord Generator you'll hear the chord in real time, including any open strings at any fret or hear individual mouseover notes if wanted. (you'll hear a real guitar, not midi). "Chord Name Finder and Piano" can actually be called "Chord Designers" now also. You can either hear only the note that you click-in and the notes that already are clicked-in on a return mouseover then the whole chord when you click "listen" or "check the box" and hear every note wherever the mouse is, you can even run-it-up a string or the keyboard and hear all the notes at the same time.

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