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  Drum Tab Player Generator With Sound


Click load to enter this (above) drum tab into memory.

If you use x's and o's it will sound whatever drum or 
percussion in showing in the select dropdowns to the left.

The xo checkbox lets you quickly use xo's or the letter symbol
when manually entering a tab with the hit-boxes (6 through 1).
You can change the ooooxx's to anything you want to use in tab.

a regular lowercase x will play whatever is in the drop-down.
An uppercase X is the open-high-hat.
So, with closed-high-hat in drop-down, something like this...
Closed Hi Hat |x-x-x-x-x-x-x-X-|x-x-x-x-x-x-x-X-|
will automatically play open and closed high-hats

If the drum tab has | measure bars and it is throwing of the timing
Clicking "Remove |" will remove all measure bars from the tab.
Or the checkbox next to it will leave them in but ignore them.


"hold" everything stays on same line.
"Sweep" is next space apart.
"quarter" makes notes 2 spaces apart. 
"Half" makes notes 4 spaces apart. 
"Whole" makes notes 8 spaces apart. 
"off" allows play without affecting the tab.
"realtime" allows input of drums while tab playing.

As soon as you figure out the way those work you'll be able
to make playable drum tabs with exactly correct timing.

This program will run as fast or slow as your computer.


C  | <-------------
HH | If the tab has drum symbols in it
T1 | They will be inadvertently played.
T2 | You have to remove them yourself.
S  | <-------------
Bd |