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Vocalist Scale and Chord Generator

This will find chords using specific
distance between notes in whatever scale
then jump to the next note degree in scale.
Example... C major scale, 3 notes, 2 between

C major chord -- Roman num I
(C) D (E) F (G) A B C

D minor chord -- Roman num II
C (D) E (F) G (A) B C

Click on Roman Numerals to hear chord
To use program... click in a scale,
click in the root note of the scale,
click in number of notes in chord (top)
(between scale notes is best set at two)
...and get a result like...
E major scale | 4 notes | 2 between
E maj7 |R357
F# m 7th |Rm35b7
G# m 7th |Rm35b7
A maj7 |R357
B 7th |R35b7
C# m 7th |Rm35b7
Eb ø half dim° |Rm3d5b7
this means in an E major scale these are all
the chords (with 4 notes) to use in that key
To hear the chord click on roman numerals
Doremifaso sets major, 5 notes, next, UpDown
will render - Do re me fa so fa me re do
To hear the whole scale click 'PlayScale'
To hear scales on change check PlayScale box
To design your own scale...
use the check-boxes below
To save this display box... click "save"
(number of saves will be shown). When you're
done click "print" and show page.
To design your own scale type any numbers
between zero and 53 seperated by comma's
into this text area then click "load"
Or play any scale or chord then click "add"
To play user loaded text box click playbox
C's are 0,12,24,36,48

C D E F G A B C D Etc...

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